Here’s Exactly What You Don’t Want To Happen When You’re On Live TV

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If there’s one thing some-more indeterminate than a weather, it’s being on live television.

And while anything can occur on a air, one meteorologist’s corporeal functions motionless to yield some comic service for some viewers. Chief Meteorologist for NBC 15 Chris Dunn was pity with viewers his predictions for a weekend continue when a male hunched over and directed his back off camera. At that accurate impulse a farting sound can be listened during an differently wordless moment. Following a gassy interruption, Dunn tries his best to continue a foresee while enormous a mischievous smile.

While conjunction a news hire nor Dunn have oral out about a gaseous exchange, some people seem to trust a whole occurrence was an trusting antic put on by members of a staff.

(Via Daily Mail)

While everybody farts, it’s not each day we hear it on live television. Perhaps Dunn needs to rethink his pre-broadcast lunch choices.