Here’s The Hilarious Thing That’d Happen If Gollum Auditioned For These Movies

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One of a many iconic characters from “The Lord of The Rings” (LOTR) is Gollum, or Sméagol, everyone’s favorite ring-hungry, Hobbit-hating, fish-eating quadruped who would die happy if he could only have his “precious.”

Some of a things that make a former Hobbit so good are his graphic voice, weird mannerisms and separate celebrity — all of that make for severely interesting impressions. That’s because we all get such a flog out of people who burlesque him for non-LOTR purposes. Take Ian James Walters, who loves singing renouned songs as Gollum. A few years back, he motionless to record ridicule auditions for a series of classical films while embodying a creepy character. The ensuing video was priceless.

Watch next as Gollum tries his palm during alighting vital roles for cinema we all know and love.


He might not have gotten any callbacks, though I’m certain a genuine Gollum would be proud. Be certain to check out some-more of Walters’ waggish impersonations on YouTube.