Here’s The Weird Thing That Happens When You Invite 20,000 Bees To A Maternity Shoot

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Bees are pronounced to paint life and death.

That’s what Emily Mueller pronounced when articulate to about her bonkers pregnancy photoshoot that’s left totally viral. Mueller and her husband, who are beekeepers who mislay bee colonies from houses and work a sugar store, have 3 children and always wanted to have four. After pang several miscarriages, Mueller is profound again, and they wanted to applaud with some special pictures.

The concept? Well, let’s only contend it’s removing some buzz.

Mueller acted with about 20,000 bees during a “swarm,” that is after they’ve eaten and they’re too magisterial to sting. She hold a black bee in a enclosure to keep a overflow close.

Facebook / Kendrah Damis Photography

While many people are giving this judgment a resounding “HELL NO,” Mueller is anxious with a photos and a courtesy they’re receiving. She admits to being a small shaken during a shoot, though it all worked out as planned.

Facebook / Kendrah Damis Photography

You can even watch a frightful impulse her father Ryan releases a bees onto her belly. Yikes!


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