Hero Who Got Stranded Wearing Shorts In The Snow Just For Free Pizza Is All Of Us

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Some people will do only about anything when it comes to giveaway food, even if it means scarcely throwing hypothermia for some pizza.

A hiker from Flagstaff, Arizona, attempted his best to trek to a tip of Mt. Elden in a center of a sirocco to win a giveaway pizza contest. Throwing counsel to a wind, a dauntless hiker endured a cold, donning only a span of shorts and a tee in hopes of subordinate for a giveaway goodies. And afterwards he got stranded.

The sleet and clever winds valid too most for him and hypothermia began to set in. Learn some-more about this dedicated foodie in a video below!


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There aren’t many things we adore some-more than pizza, though not failing is really one of them. That being said, share this story if we personally brand with this man’s devotion for everyone’s favorite food.