Hilarious Video Shows Curious Cow Committing A Federal Offense

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It’s opposite a law to open someone else’s mail, though does this cow care? Not one bit.

When a family in Afton, Iowa went to check their mailbox final week, they were astounded to find a immature cow had already gotten there first. While a feisty cow has a repute for evading a enclosing and erratic onto their property, Erin Hudson and his family had never seen it base by their mail before. But as they say, there’s a initial for everything, and after one ambience of a paper, a animal was hooked!

Watch as Hudson tries — and fails — to get a minute behind while his giggling daughter records.

(via Daily Mail)

They competence wish to cruise removing some kind of close for their mailbox. Something tells me this won’t be a final revisit from a minute thief.