His Hair Looks Normal At First, But Watch What Happens When He Uses A Hairdryer

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Many years ago while on a beach outing with my parents, we detected this small emporium that sole color-changing T-shirts.

It was such a singular judgment during a time that of march we had to batch adult on them. The wardrobe worked in a identical demeanour to mood rings, though instead of changing tone depending on your mood, a T-shirts would renovate from black and white to entirely colored designs out in a object and in opposite temperatures.

But a latest take on temperature-changing pigments is totally wild.

Hair tone code Pravana only launched a new line of products underneath a name Vivids Mood Color. Check out a new product in this just-released promotional clip:

Instead of being an tangible dye, it’s a proxy conceal that changes tone depending on a feverishness turn of your surrounding sourroundings or a styling collection you’re using.

With Vivids Mood Color, a possibilities are endless. Pravana’s product growth manager, Lissette Cruz, emphasized a indicate saying, “What creates it singular is that it’s a first-ever feverishness reactive tone on a market. It happens so fast, with so many opposite feverishness sources.”