His Prom Date Was Older Than Him, But When You Realize Why, You’ll Be In Tears

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When a primogenitor is battling cancer, it’s tough not to fear a unknown.

Will they be there for graduation day? Your wedding? The birth of your initial child? No one can contend for sure, and it’s this turn of doubt that creates a distress that many harder to cope with. That’s because when 17-year-old Dylan Huffaker’s promenade rolled around, he knew accurately whom he’d ask.

His mother, Kerry Huffaker. The many critical lady in Dylan’s life suffers from depot mind cancer, so he motionless to embody her in his special day by giving her a event to get all dolled adult and make some implausible memories.

Kerry’s biggest bewail is that she won’t be around for her son’s destiny wedding, that is because Dylan knew that she’d conclude fasten him for a night full of imagination outfits and dancing.


It’s flattering implausible that a whole village came together to make their special night one for a books. Although it’s substantially distressing for Dylan to consider about a universe but his mom, memories like these final a lifetime.