“Home To Win” Design Experts Tiffany Pratt and Sebastian Clovis On Décor Trends

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With tonight strictly imprinting a deteriorate culmination of HGTV Canada’s uncover Home To Win, Real Style held adult with Toronto-based interior engineer Tiffany Pratt and executive Sebastian Clovis. As a energetic pattern twin who has assimilated army for a show, Pratt and Clovis conduct to combine a adore of colour with essential minimalism. Here’s what these dual Canadian pattern gurus had to share about a show, their favourite trends in interior pattern and their dream homes.

Real Style: What can we tell us about your uncover Home To Win?

Sebastian: We’ve put together a illusory lineup of some of HGTV’s excellent builders and designers. We’ve interconnected off into groups, executive and designer. We’ve left into this home that was unequivocally basic. It was a 3,000 block feet home.

Tiffany: It was fundamentally butter yellow, and no excitement. No bells, no whistles, sum builder’s grave boring.

Sebastian: Rather than building a code new house, we’re doing a loyal restoration thing. We’re holding this residence and we’re usually conceptualizing it. We’re re-styling it. We’re not building anything code new, though we’re adding on to it and we’re creation something unequivocally simple turn something unequivocally special.

Tiffany: We’re reimagining this nation home into a complicated getaway dream home that anybody of any character or age will find desirable. As distant as what’s function on Home To Win, not usually are there 20 HGTV stars, though there is lots of room for us to be. The acreage around this property, a views, a intensity of what is function there, is value winning this home for.

Sebastian: It has concept appeal. It’s a nation home, though we’ve got a complicated country feel to it.

Real Style: What were some of a biggest pattern hurdles of operative with a vast group of 20 builders and designers?

Tiffany: Everyone has to arrange of agree. This is a prophesy and we all have to hang to it, within a possess design, styling and constrictive parameters. Obviously a home needs to demeanour like one full masterpiece, not a whole garland of tiny compositions. We all had to determine on a common demeanour and afterwards grow.

Sebastian: That was a problem; it was putting this demeanour of 20 opposite people into one place and anticipating that cohesive look. But what came out of it was a residence that is cohesive, though any engineer wants to put their possess stamp on it. It’s unequivocally engaging how people have drawn impulse from other people’s rooms, and continued building in a same vein, though with new twists.

Tiffany: A ideal instance would be, we consider we was a initial chairman to put colour in this house. we had to keep within a intrigue of a rest of a home, though still supplement punches of colour, where it was still my design. we consider we all had to work that same truth in any of a spaces, not usually with a design, though a approach a space was laid out. Each executive was unequivocally perplexing to put their possess special spin on what was probable in any room, shaped on a framing.

Sebastian: What we come out with is a unequivocally heterogeneous brew of bedrooms that have unequivocally particular feels, though work together as a whole.

Real Style: Sebastian, do we have any tips for gripping your home restoration to a budget?

Sebastian: I theory a unequivocally initial thing is to make certain that we have a budget. You wish to make certain that we have all that we wish to have done; we have all of your materials laid out, we have your permits laid out and all of your costs laid out on a spreadsheet before we go into it. Of course, we have your contingency. If we don’t have that devise to start with, things could usually ascend unequivocally fast. When we get into a build, we start going into a pattern stores to collect adult your opposite elements; your eyes can get large unequivocally quickly.

Real Style: Tiffany, you’re famous for blending elements of conform and interior pattern into your projects? In your opinion, how do conform and pattern intersect?

Tiffany: I consider all in life is formed, and if it’s a room or if it’s a body, it’s unequivocally usually a same thing. We’re all usually walking canvases for opportunity. As distant as a room is concerned, and we was observant progressing today, we started my career in fashion. Eventually, we started operative on a home in Connecticut and began to tumble in adore with seat over fashion. The lines of a lounge can paint certain lines that are in some conform collections. If we unequivocally puncture deep, any deteriorate we can see how any attention inspires a other.

Real Style: Are there any décor colour schemes for Summer 2016 that we privately love?

Tiffany: Right now, a palettes are unequivocally watercolour-y, unequivocally blown out, tons of white, lots of inlet and organic. We’re still traffic with eclectic, everybody is still amatory blending aged and new. We’re blending uninformed with something a bit dated. we am a outrageous proponent of juncture in interiors, and it’s still going strong.

Real Style: What are your favourite interior pattern trends for 2016?

Sebastian: Matte black is positively new. Batman did it initial on a Batmobile, and afterwards people started portrayal their cars since they wanted to be Batman! That’s kind of entrance into a residence too, anything that’s kind of steel is removing a matte demeanour now…Are bidets entrance back?

Tiffany: They are. It’s European, it’s fancy. we know this might be a Tiffany thing, contra a trend thing, though wallpaper! Wallpaper, decals, things in your home that are built-in looking sculptures. People wish their homes now to demeanour like art exhibits, like we would travel into a gallery and see.

Sebastian: People are now layering all kinds of opposite things together. Eighteenth century, 19th century, rustic, modern. Three dimensional printed pieces, unequivocally high finish technological pieces, though churned with internal workman stuff.

Real Style: How can homeowners renovate a tiny space into a lush home?

Tiffany: The initial thing we consider of, conceptualizing a space, is when you’re traffic with a tiny space, we have to consider of how your family or yourself live, afterwards store around it. Think high, don’t consider wide. As high as we can get your shelf, as high as we can go, and as most things as we can put in any one space, give yourself plenty storage that looks pleasing and uniform.

Real Style: Describe your personal dream home!

Sebastian: I’m a minimalist. we like things to demeanour unequivocally clean, we like purify lines. we like all to be neat and have space. I’m a inlet lover, we wish during any given time to be means to move lots of plants into my house, have lots of light flooding in, have lots of healthy elements. Reclaimed lumbers, tangible live corner chunk tables. we do adore technology, though we wish a TV to be dark divided a little, we wish a speakers to be adult on a ceiling.

Tiffany: I’ve got my dream eye on a tiny beach residence that is embellished pink, somewhere in California. we wish it right on a sea and we need an epic garden. My indoor and outside space kind of co-exists. we need to have uninformed breeze; we need to smell a salt air. we adore high ceilings. we generally start with an all-white palette, my interior space would be churned with aged and new, so complicated and antique pieces. we would substantially give myself a imagining room, yoga room and an art studio off a back, where we could be portrayal and creating.

Photos: HGTV Canada