Hostage Situation Continues in Afghanistan

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The New York Times settled an catastrophic raid was launched in Afghanistan, in Aug 2016, to acquit an American university highbrow and his Australian colleague. The dual hostages were being hold by a Taliban. Officials from a United States announced a rescue goal was conducted after Timothy Weeks, who was a Australian, and Kevin King, who was a American, were taken by force on Aug. 07. They were escorted nearby a American University of Afghanistan in Kabul. King and Weeks taught during a University.

The Navy SEALs intent in fight alongside dozens of insurgent fighters to giveaway a dual hostages. American officials settled a conflict occurred during an close-knit devalue in eastern Afghanistan, on Thursday, Sept. 8.

The Pentagon determined that a raid had been led to giveaway dual civilians. However, they pronounced a westerners were not during a end they had suspected them to be. The troops also settled that no Americans were killed, nonetheless a series of insurgents were.

The officials settled a organisation of SEAL operatives was upheld by a Army Rangers. The troops officials pronounced a SEALs had missed a dual hostages by usually hours.

Military authorities now trust a dual hostages are being hold serf by a Haqqani network. The raid was certified by President Obama and initial reported by Fox News.

Written by John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


The New York Times: U.S. Rescue Attempt in Afghanistan Missed Western Hostages by Hours

Featured Image Courtesy of US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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