How we combined my possess BB-8 robot

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Once on a time there lived one male in one galaxy.  In childhood he saw Star Wars by George Lucas and fell in adore with a movie. Since that time he had dreamt to emanate a drudge like in a movie. But adult life worries swept divided a dream from his memory for 25 years.

In 2015 a prolonged awaited supplement of a illusory tale was released, yet with new actors and a new truth of a Walt Disney’s Studio. Our fan saw once again his favorite robots and satisfied it was time to emanate something of a kind. That was George Fomichev – owner and personality of a robotics startup  Endurance.

So how did it all start?


With growth of a SelfieBot robot, that has been open-source given Apr of 2016, and any chairman can make his/ her drudge now underneath a Endurance technology.


SelfieBot is a personal robot. Anybody can arrange it regulating inexpensive electronics, module and firmware of Endurance.  The large fact is that we can unequivocally use it as a unsentimental phone hilt for video promote or video recording. The device ability to spin after we is also a large plus. This Google API formed duty is called follow me.

There are countless ways of regulating a device, though let’s go behind to a Bb8…

To arrange it we need a 3D printer.


We use a WanHao Duplicator i3. It’s utterly suitable for PLA printing.

You also need to be peaceful to see into a drudge schematics to be means to arrange a circuit board. You can, of course, to arrange all on a bread board, though we use a circuit board. It’s some-more reliable.

So, let’s download a processed Bb8 indication for printing.


And 3D imitation it, carrying formerly increasing a indication to a preferred size.

We’ll need about 500 g of PLA.

We sequence all a required wiring on Ebay or Aliexpress…  You can also buy it in any radio and wiring store.  But there it is most some-more expensive. There’s also an choice to buy an Endurance processed pack of wiring for $95.  It will save we time and nerves.


Then, we delicately arrange a circuit house as it is described on a website.


Then we upload a firmware. To do it for Arduino see a Endurance website (contacts below).

What do we have now? A prepared physique and electronics.


To control a Bb8 we’ll need an Android phone. Any one will do with a OS 4.1.x or higher.

Then, download a app and implement it on a phone.

After that, span a phone Bluetooth with that of a Bb8 electronics.


Now we can check a automatic partial of a device and see if a servos stagger and all works.

Then not utterly a pardonable work starts.  Because we have 3D printed a Bb8 physique neglecting a middle regulating system.  That is a minus, of course, though not a large deal.  Let’s make prepared a middle regulating system.

For this we use a cosmetic or acrylic basis.

Now it is required to bind adult a servos in such a approach that they could stagger in dual planes and one servo upheld a other.  For this we make a coupling rigging drawing.


The given construction is not technologically ideal though it works.

Now we have to arrange all together.



Connect  a 12 V power. Start a app on a phone, and here we are – a demo mode operating, to check if all works.

The drudge starts branch a head.



Well, let’s cruise that we’ve finished good for beginners of a DIY SelfieBot project.

Next time we can:

  1. Try to gloss a drudge physique and make it some-more beautiful;
  2. Make some kind of apron or defense in a connection of a drudge conduct and body;
  3. Try to make a drudge quiter.

But it’s another story for a subsequent article.

Meanwhile, we remind we that we are really acquire to join a DIY SelfieBot program. It’s open – source.  Accessories are inexpensive. For we to make your possess robot. Perhaps, someone will make a drudge on a basement of R2D2 or C3PO.

We are happy to announce that 6 universities have already corner a DIY SelfieBot program.

Enjoy a video:

More details:

+7 916 2254302

+1 617 5492799

Skype: George.fomitchev

George Fomichev’s YouTube channel