Humans Trying To Make Husky Do Christmas Photoshoot Have Another Thing Coming

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If we only can’t seem to pattern adult any unrestrained for a entrance holiday, don’t worry. This puppy knows accurately how we feel.

If there’s a dog reflection for Grumpy Cat, it’s really Anuko a Siberian husky. Ever given he was a puppy, he’s always had an henceforth unimpressed, roughly indignant demeanour on his face, creation him a aristocrat of side eyes and nasty glares. And as his mom Jasmine recently learned, Anuko’s gloomy facial expressions make for some flattering waggish Christmas photos.

Look how anxious Anuko is about his Christmas photoshoot! Can’t we only feel a complacency emanating off of him?

Such sass. Much floof.

And about as most fad as a chairman removing their teeth drilled into during a dentist. No treats can hold his comprehensive disregard for you.