IBM Watson AI XPrize

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The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE is a $5 million AI and cognitive computing foe severe teams globally to rise and denote how humans can combine with absolute AI technologies to tackle a world’s grand challenges. This esteem will concentration on formulating modernized and scalable applications that advantage consumers and businesses opposite a crowd of disciplines. The solutions will minister to a improvement of accessible collection and information sets for a use of innovators everywhere. The idea is also to accelerate a bargain and adoption of AI’s many earnest breakthroughs.

Each year heading adult to TED 2020 a teams will be evaluated for a event to allege to a subsequent turn of a competition. The 3 finalist teams will take a TED theatre in 2020 to broach jaw-dropping, grand TED Talks demonstrating what they have achieved. The teams will also have an choice to contest for dual miracle prizes.

Typical of all XPRIZE competitions, a IBM Watson AI XPRIZE will crowdsource solutions from some of a many shining thinkers and entrepreneurs around a world, formulating loyal exponential impact.

Join us to figure a future.


To contest in a IBM Watson AI XPRIZE we contingency be a entirely purebred team. To finish your registration, we must:

  1. Create a Team profile
  2. Sign a Competitor’s Agreement
  3.  Pay a registration fee*

*Registration fees are compulsory as a elementary qualifier to safeguard competitors will be means to obtain a suitable resources to entirely contest in a competition. All fees collected are used to support teams and foe operational costs such as testing, group focused events, media and esteem impact development.


Grand Prizes

The $3,000,000 Grand Prize, $1,000,000 2nd Place, and $500,000 3rd Place. Purses will be awarded during a finish of foe during TED 2020, for a sum of $4.5 million.

Milestone and Special Prizes

Two Milestone Competition esteem purses will be awarded in 2017 and 2018 by a Judges to commend special accomplishments. A sum of $500,000 will be accessible for these prizes.

All esteem purses are denominated and will be awarded in United States dollars (USD).


The swell in AI investigate and applications in a past 20 years creates it timely to concentration courtesy not usually on creation AI some-more capable, though also on maximizing a governmental advantage of AI. The democratization of exponential record enables AI and cognitive computing to put empowerment into a hands of innovators everywhere. Driven by prolonged tenure capabilities of AI impact, and to improved know a prospects of tellurian and AI collaboration, a IBM Watson AI XPRIZE provides an interdisciplinary height for domain experts, developers and innovators to, by collaboration, pull a bounds of AI to new heights. The foe will move a AI village together and accelerate a growth of scalable, hybrid solutions and brazen breakthroughs to residence humanity’s grandest challenges.


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