Iconic Victoria’s Secret Model Sends Powerful Yet Confusing Message On Instagram

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Brazilian indication and singer Adriana Lima is best famous for her iconic purpose as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. In fact, she’s their longest-running model, carrying been with a code for a past 18 years. This year, she was even named “the many profitable Victoria’s Secret Angel.”

Working for a slip association given 1999, Lima is apparently no foreigner to undressing for voluptuous print shoots. But like many other women and immature girls, she isn’t accurately untroubled when it comes to physique picture issues. Lima says she also worries about what others consider of her looks — namely, while during work.

“Every day in my life, we arise adult thinking, how do we look?” she writes. “Was we going to be supposed in my job?”

Lima says she came to this fulfilment after being approached by a crony who confided her insecurities about her possess physique — something that desirous Lima to make a special proclamation on her Instagram account.

In a intense post, Lima talked about how she incited down an offer to be filmed in a “sexy video,” explaining that yet she’d finished identical work in a past, she would no longer take off her garments for an “empty cause.”