If we am ‘bahri’, what is Sonia: PM Modi attacks Nitish Kumar

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Muzaffarpur/Gopalganj: In a pointy renew on Nitish Kumar over his “outsider” taunt during him, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked him either he would call Congress arch Sonia Gandhi also a ‘bahri’, reporting that he was not a PM of another country.

Taking on his rivals in RJD arch Lalu Prasad’s home territory of Gopalganj, he wondered if Kumar wanted a lapse of aged days of ‘jungle raj’ when a segment had incited into a ‘mini Chambal’, in a riposte to Kumar’s dart that he (PM) should lapse to a nation a ‘old’ days if he can't broach a betrothed ‘achhe din’ (good days).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a record photo. PTIPrime Minister Narendra Modi in a record photo. PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a record photo. PTI

“Nitish babu says we am a bahri (outsider). we will ask (him) how we can be a bahri in Bihar that is a clever organ of India and whose people had voted to make me Prime Minister. Am we Pakistan’s Prime Minister? Am we Bangladesh’ or Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister?

“I will ask him if he also calls Madam Sonia, who lives in Delhi a bahri? Is she a bahri or Bihari? Those who can't give an comment of their work play these games to trick them,” Modi said.

On a final day of campaigning for a fourth proviso of Bihar public polls on Nov 1, Modi focused on blunting a grand fondness conflict on a BJP-led NDA and lifted a growth pitch, observant usually “twin engines” of a state and executive supervision can lift a back state out of a array it had depressed into.

He also escalated his conflict on a JD(U) personality and Chief Minister over his assign that he and his allies were “plotting” to give divided a share of reservation enjoyed by SCs, STs and OBCs to a sold community, a anxiety to Muslims.

Modi pronounced Nitish in a debate in Parliament on Aug 24, 2005 had oral about giving share to a sold community.

The grand fondness parties — Congress, RJD and JD(U) — together ruled a state for 60 years though were not tell people what they did.