If You Hate Hugging, This Guy Has All The Funny, Awkward Moves To Avoid It

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There’s a lot to like about hugging and other earthy contact.

But for people who aren’t ‘huggers,’ it can be a sum calamity to be in a universe with others who consider they have a right to earthy contact. The initial thing we should always do if we wish to cuddle someone is ask! And don’t be annoyed if they contend no. Asking means giving a choice to contend no openly and but consequence.

If you’re a one who hates hugs, though, a male named Alex is here to save a day. At a sophistry gathering in Poland, he motionless to denote all of a ways to get out of an neglected situation.

Here are a few funny, ungainly tips we can use to shun someone’s neglected clutches!

Do we consider you’ll use any of these moves? Let us know in a comments!