If You Understand a Negative Consequences of this, You will Buy Gold and Silver

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If You Understand a Negative Consequences of this, You will Buy Gold and Silver

This One Chart should Drive Investors into Buying Gold and Silver

The U.S. financial complement is in critical difficulty and this one draft confirms it.  Investors who know a disastrous consequences of this draft would be shopping earthy bullion and china palm over fist.  Unfortunately, Americans have been put to nap by a Mainstream media as they continue to news that “business as common perpetually and all will be okay.”

However, a conflicting is a box as a U.S. economy and a financial complement continue to disintegrate underneath a army of vast debt, 0 seductiveness rates and a collapsing appetite industry.  This is not a conditions that will continue for many years or decades.  This will expected tumble many earlier than many Americans realize.

Why?  Because of a justification shown in a draft below:

This draft taken from a Political Calculations blog, reveals a exponential boost in US debt as good as GDP – Gross Domestic Product.  Most people have seen charts of US debt going behind decades or even to a 1930’s.  However, this draft goes behind all a approach until 1791.

You will notice as a debt augmenting during an exponential fashion, so did U.S GDP.  Which means a GDP expansion is unequivocally fictitious or formed on a leveraging of debt.  The draft above represented information adult until 2010.  we manually combined a US debt and GDP trend lines to a draft subsequent to uncover a benefaction situation:

According to a central sum from a Federal Reserve (GDP) and Treasurydirect.gov (debt), a U.S. GDP strike $18.4 trillion Q2 2016 while sum debt is now $19.5 trillion.  The engaging thing to know about a draft above is a “Exponential Growth Rate” insert chart.  we creatively suspicion a US debt was streamer adult in an exponential fashion… yet didn’t consider it was utterly that severe.

However, if we demeanour during a Exponential Growth rate chart, we can clearly see that a rising debt and GDP trend lines are streamer adult FASTER than a exponential trend.  This is unequivocally bad news for Americans abounding and poor.

Let me quickly explain what an exponential trend is.  It is a doubling of a figure any time period.  For example, a Rule of 70 states that $100 during an annual seductiveness of 7% will double in 10 years to $200.  It will continue to double any 10 years ($400, $800, $1,600, $3,200, $6,400 so on and so forth).

According to many scientists and mathematicians, an Exponential Growth Rate is not sustainable… so it eventually leads to sum collapse.  Again, a bomb US Debt and GDP expansion rate make a exponential trend demeanour tame indeed.

U.S. Public Debt Is Skyrocketing Faster Than The Exponential Growth Rate

I motionless to take a doubling of US debt (every 10 years) starting in 1971, that was $398 billion, and review it to a tangible figures:

If we take a $398 billion in US debt in 1971 and doubled it any 10 years, this would be a result:

1971 = $398 billion

1981 = $796 billion

1991 = $1,592 billion

2001 = $3,184 billion

2011 = $6,368 billion

2016 = $9,552 billion (half a time period)

2021 = $12,736 billion

Because we have usually left half approach by a ten-year time duration for 2016, a exponential debt boost was usually $9,552 billion ($9.5 trillion).  However, U.S. sum debt has ballooned to $19.5 trillion.  The US debt has augmenting $10 trillion faster than a doubling exponential function.  This is off that charts.

Furthermore, here is a same draft including a estimated U.S. open debt for 2021:

According to sum from statista.com, they guess sum US debt will strech $23,574 billion by 2021.  Now, let’s review that to a subsequent doubling of debt to strech $12,736 billion in 2021.  Again, a exponential doubling trend is still $10+ trillion reduce than a estimated debt for a United States in 2021.

I rarely doubt we make it that distant before a U.S. mercantile and financial complement implode.  When we hear supervision spokesmen or analysts from Wall Street articulate about augmenting debt levels out to 2025-2030, we trust they are totally insane.  Again, there is no approach we make it anywhere tighten to 2025 before a complement crashes.

The Falling EROI Is To Blame For The Skyrocketing Debt

As we mentioned in my essay below, the descending EROI – Energy Returned On Investment is a ROOT CAUSE of a vast boost in U.S. open debt (click on picture to review article):

In that article, we posted this graph:

You will notice that a U.S. open debt didn’t unequivocally start to boost until after 1970’s… a time duration when U.S. oil and gas EROI fell subsequent 30/1.  Which means before to 1971, a U.S. oil and gas attention was providing 30+ barrels of oil to a marketplace for any tub of oil (energy equivalent) that it burnt in a process.

As a U.S. appetite EROI continued to tumble to a 5/1 of shale oil today, a debt exploded.  For those folks who still trust that PEAK OIL is a grand swindling by a rich and vast oil companies, we need to go behind to class propagandize math and learn because a 5/1 EROI of shale currently contra 100/1 EROI of required oil prolongation in 1930 PROVES that rise oil is a CERTAINTY.

However, if we would rather continue to trust in lousy swindling gossip, usually wait around for 5 some-more years and we would suppose all doubts of PEAK OIL will be erased.

The Value Of Gold and Silver Will Explode As U.S. Public Debt Implodes

The reason investors need to be holding onto LOTS of earthy bullion and china is due to a entrance implosion of U.S. open debt.  While many analysts and people consider it would be advantageous for a complement to have a Debt Jubilee or to concede a U.S. Banking Industry to go under, this would be a deadly blow to a U.S. Empire.

There is this genuine arrogance by presumably intelligent people who consider a Debt Jubilee (forgiving or essay off all debts) would concede us to start with a purify slate.  Thus, they trust it yield us a mercantile leisure to reconstruct a economy and make a United States good again.  Unfortunately, this will NEVER happen.

Why?  Because we don’t have a HIGH EROI oil to concede us to do so.  The vast debt we combined to a complement over a past 45+ years authorised costly LOW EROI oil reserve to be brought into a marketplace assisting to say BAU – Business as usual.  However, this is no longer tolerable as a vast volume debt is apropos unmanageable.

I trust a marketplace is finally bargain a ramifications of this as a bullion and china prices convene opposite a waves of high blurb brief positions:

The marketplace is commencement to comprehend that a vast boost in US debt (faster than a exponential function) is no longer sustainable.  Even yet a blurb brief positions have depressed from their record highs, to see a china cost convene behind above $20 puts critical vigour on commercials (bullion banks such as JP Morgan):

The red bars streamer down in a draft above paint a commercials net china brief positions.  As we can see, they have usually decreased by a tiny volume given a record rise a month ago.  It is startling to see a china cost pierce adult my aloft opposite a blurb shorts who routinely control a market.

Regardless, investors need to possess a good commission of their resources in earthy bullion and china to strengthen themselves when a marketplace finally crashes.  When a marketplace finally craters, it will take down a value of many paper resources and genuine estate with it.  Because there is unequivocally small in a approach of earthy bullion and china to go around, their values will ascend as investors find to PROTECT WEALTH.




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