If You’re A Parent Of Twins, You’ll Totally Feel This Dad’s Clothes-Changing Pain

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You know how they says twins are double a trouble? Well, this ragged out father is here to let we know it’s totally true, generally with babies.

Some fathers have a lot of problem usually changing one diaper on a singular child. But this guy? Not usually does he do twice a work when it comes to changing diapers, though he’s also tasked with wrangling his daughters each night usually before bedtime. Sure, putting pajamas on your small ones doesn’t seem that complicated, though when we have twins, it can be a hardest thing in a universe to accomplish.

Just watch this dynamic dad’s large (and hilarious) attempts during sauce his small girls. It’s all a explanation we need.


What a champ. we feel tired usually examination this. If you’re a primogenitor of twins, we praise we for not going insane.