If You’re Not A Morning Person, You’ll Feel This Grumpy Pig’s Dog-Induced Pain

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Chances are we fit into one of dual categories when it comes to waking adult any day.

Maybe you’re someone who thrives in a early hours and rarely, if ever, sleeps in. On a other hand, we could be like me, someone who constantly struggles with meddling myself out of bed, no matter how many alarms we set. Being a latter, we can tell we it’s tough adequate to find a willpower to get adult by myself, let alone when a annoyingly contented morning chairman is there perplexing to remonstrate me to do it — something this pig grudgingly deals with on a daily basis.

The adorably idle pet from California would be calm to fill any day with long, calm naps. Unfortunately, a rough crony simply won’t concede it. Watch as a puppy does all he can to get his pig crony off a feet.


I never suspicion I’d describe to a pig so much. Seriously, this could double as footage of my beloved perplexing to arise me up!