In Twitter communication with Firstpost, Nitish predicts landslide feat for grand fondness in Bihar elections

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As a third proviso of a Bihar Assembly polls 2015 came to an finish on Wednesday, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, in a Twitter communication with Firstpost, pronounced that he was assured that a Mahagathbandhan would have a ‘landslide victory’ in a elections.

He pronounced that a people of Bihar would elect him as Chief Minister again “based on a work we have finished so distant that they have witnessed, and on a basement of a priorities that we have summarized for a subsequent 5 years”.

Nitish Kumar also criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP, alleging that they were perplexing to communalise a Bihar polls. He also brought adult a beef emanate and pronounced that BJP was perplexing to “import” a beef emanate to Bihar to communalise a state polls.

Firstpost also asked a Bihar Chief Minister either he suspicion that there was community polarisation after a beef controversy. He, however, pronounced that a beef discuss was never an emanate in Bihar, nonetheless a BJP did try to make it one.

On being asked either he suspicion a BJP had shifted a concentration from expansion to issues of standing and communalism, Nitish Kumar pronounced that BJP’s attempts to communalise a Bihar polls were now apparent to all.

The Bihar CM serve pronounced that they had “lowered a customary of a debate” by regulating faulty language. He pronounced that even PM Modi “used denunciation that is not in gripping with a grace of a bureau he holds.”

Giving his views on a sense that a girl in Bihar seemed to foster Modi, Nitish pronounced that this was usually an sense combined by some people.

Nitish Kumar also did not bashful divided from responding formidable questions, including questions on his fondness with former sour opposition and RJD arch Lalu Prasad.

He was also asked either there was a possibility of ‘jungle raj’ in Bihar if JD(U) got obtuse series of seats than RJD.

Nitish Kumar faced critique from some corners after a BJP expelled a video of him visiting a tantric to find his blessings for a Bihar polls. Firstpost asked Nitish Kumar what he would tell a tantric if he saw him again.

Nitish even responded to a Twitter user who complained that his father, a supervision employee, hadn’t got his income from 2008 and a supervision had not addressed this problem.

He also pronounced that there was no anti-Narendra Modi discuss when he was asked either Sushil Modi was a partner with him in a anti-Modi campaign.

On being asked about either women citizens had stood by him, Nitish Kumar pronounced that he believed in their “overwhelming support for me and a Mahagathbandhan”.

The Bihar CM also spoke about a poem he had shouted on Monday during a Patna presser in that he had mocked PM Modi.

He also answered a doubt on his devise for Bihar’s industrial expansion if a state did not get special status.

Perhaps Nitish Kumar’s many smart response was his answer to a final question.

The voting for a 243-seat Bihar Assembly polls will interpretation on 5 Nov and a counting of votes will take place on 8 November.