Inclusion Plus Competition

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MetLife Foundation is using MetLife Foundation Inclusion Plus Competition, that offers a singular eventuality to allege amicable entrepreneurship in a financial inclusion space and engage a accumulation of pivotal stakeholders who are clinging to operative collaboratively and providing tolerable solutions for financially released populations.

Competitors will contention a product, service, module or innovative resolution to urge financial health and contentment for low- and moderate-income people in Bangladesh. The creation should denote that it will urge people’s entrance to and/or adoption and use of financial products and services. Example entries could include, though are not singular to, new remuneration products and technologies, approaches to urge simple money upsurge management, innovations in lending, assets and insurance, new programs directed during action-oriented preparation and recognition and financial record innovations that capacitate consumers to take advantage of new opportunities and grasp their short- and long-term goals.

Top ventures will accept personal feedback from MetLife judges and will work one-on-one with mentors. Projects advancing in a foe will have a eventuality to benefit media bearing and contest for funding.

At a final representation event, 5 finalists will accept grants in USD: 1st place 50 000 USD, 2nd place: 25 000 USD, 3rd place: 12 000 USD, 4th and 5th places: 5000 USD; People’s choice award: 1000 USD, Early entrance awards: 2000 USD.


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