Incredible Must-See Winter Waterfalls Across Canada

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Photo: Tiffany Falls


We’ve all listened TLC sing “don’t go chasing waterfalls,” though when they’re as lively as Canada’s solidified waters it’s tough to resist! For those non-skiers and boarders who cite to stay off a hills this winter, Canada has no necessity of jaw-dropping, soaring waterfalls that will leave we in awe. From a high plateau and snowy forestry in British Columbia to a icy trails in Ontario, we are certain to squeeze a monumental print of these pleasing cascades wherever we go.


Helmcken Falls

Located in British Columbia’s 5000km Wells Gray Provincial Park, Helmcken Falls are a loyal pitch of Canadian wilderness. At 141 meters tall, a falls are roughly 3 times a tallness of Niagara Falls. Helmcken Falls can be seen adult tighten and personal by an brave 8km travel or from a drivable open observation height for those who cite a regard of their car. With 39 other waterfalls to try via a whole park, a detailed possibilities are endless.


Brandywine Falls

Known for a sensuous greens in a summertime, Brandywine Falls is only as surreal in a winter. Situated 20 mins south of Whistler, Brandywine Falls are a ideal array stop for those travelling to mountainside resorts. Following a brief 1km trail, viewers are faced with a fantastic 70-meter waterfall. Its many particular underline is a surrounding cove that contains rockslides that have crumbled from a walls over a final several hundred years.


Tiffany Falls

Peacefully located in a city of Ancaster, Tiffany Falls is a good dark shun only outward a bustling stage of Toronto. Only a brief travel from a nearest road, it takes mins to be ecstatic to this healthy wonder. Although not a tallest rapids in a Hamilton area, a vast icicles, infrequently in a splendid shades of blue and orange, showcase Ontario’s tender beauty. As an combined perk, a Hamilton Conversation Authority allows a associate thrill-seekers to go ice climbing.


Inglis Falls

With a Niagara Escarpment using by a backyard, Inglis Falls is one of a many visited cascades in Owen Sound, Ontario. Found in a heart of a surrounding 200-hectre charge area, Inglis Falls is 18 meters high. It’s conspicuous ice formations, freezing potholes and aged expansion timberland make this enchanting solidified land a snowshoe lovers dream.



Photo Credit: Hamilton Conservation Authority