India’s steel industry, like America’s, is dominated by electric-based processes

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India is a third-largest steel writer in a universe after China and Japan, carrying surpassed other vast steel-making countries such as a United States, Russia, and South Korea over a prior decade, according to the World Steel Association. In 2016, about 57% of India’s steel was constructed regulating electric-based methods, that is a second-highest suit of electric-based steel prolongation among vital steel producers, behind usually a United States. Most other vast producers use simple oxygen steelmaking processes.

Illustration by U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Two singular comforts of a steel attention in India are a large-scale use of electric initiation furnaces for electric-based steelmaking and a faith on coal, rather than healthy gas, to furnish approach reduced iron (an middle submit in a steelmaking process).

About half of India’s electric-based routine steel is done regulating electric initiation furnaces rather than a internationally some-more common electric arc furnaces. Electric initiation furnaces use initiation to modify materials such as scrap, approach reduced iron, or pig iron into steel. These furnaces use swapping captivating fields to satisfy an electric current, that afterwards heats adult since of electric resistance.

Electric initiation furnaces tend to work during many smaller beam compared with other some-more common simple oxygen furnaces or electric arc furnaces. Electric initiation furnaces typically produce less than 20 tons per batch; simple oxygen furnaces can produce approximately 250 tons per batch; and electric arc furnaces produce approximately 170 tons per batch.

Illustration by U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Although China and Japan furnish some-more steel, India is a largest writer of approach reduced iron (DRI) in a world. Direct reduced iron can be used in all vital forms of steel furnaces. Unlike approach reduced iron-making comforts in other countries, that mostly use healthy gas, many of a approach reduced iron constructed in India is powered by coal. For this reason, DRI constructed in India is many some-more CO complete than DRI constructed in comforts in other tools of a world.

According to EIA’s International Energy Outlook 2017, India’s spark expenditure is projected to grow by scarcely 3% per year between 2015 and 2040 as a outcome of iron and steel attention expansion and comparatively complete spark use in DRI.

Source: EIA

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