Insect biology students learn art of bug-based dyes

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Cochineal bugs use a coloring as a invulnerability mechanism, though humans have schooled to use it to tone fabric. Before a appearance of fake dyes, all dyes were done from insects or plants.


In CU Boulder Professor M. Deane Bowers’ insect biology class, students knowledge what it’s like to tone fabric regulating insect-based dye. After harsh adult dusty cochineal bugs that Bowers purchases from Mexico or Peru, students flow a dejected insects into prohibited water, that turns red, pinkish and orange. The students drop fabric into a colored H2O to make tie-dye scarves.

Students taking Bowers’ class study how insects correlate with their sourroundings and other organisms, examining insect morphology, physiology and growth to build a context for bargain insect ecology, function and evolution.

Source: University of Colorado Boulder

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