Inspired by moth wings

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It all started on an mediocre afternoon in Anders Kristensen’s bureau behind in 2009. The DTU Nanotech highbrow was in a assembly with Theodor Nielsen, owner and CEO of NIL Technology ApS. The dual group had formerly worked together on a record focused on producing mechanism chips and visual components. The doubt was either they could come adult with a opposite use for a same technology?  It was late in a day, when a researchers pushed behind from a assembly table. They had an idea.

“We’re surrounded by plastic, so we suspicion it competence be probable to use a record to emanate organic surfaces, such as self-cleaning surfaces, by injection moulding. This would meant holding a record grown for mechanism chips, and bringing it into play in a totally opposite industry,” relates Anders Kristensen.

Inspired by moth wings
And a suspicion valid to be a good one. In 2014, a researchers were presented with an endowment during a vital EU discussion in Athens for their work on building a new technique for aspect treating plastic, where nanotextures are expel directly in a aspect of a cosmetic components, obviating a need for colours, chemicals and environmentally inapt post-treatment. The record can be used in a prolongation of toys, cars, and so on.

Anders Kristensen explains that a process was desirous by moth wings:

“Nanotechnology allows we to change a aspect structure of a given element and make it change colour. Each colour corresponds to a specific wavelength of light, and changing a aspect structure allows we to control that light waves are reflected. The same judgment relates to moth wings, whose little aspect structures beget opposite colour combinations.”Anders Kristensen explains that a process was desirous by moth wings:

The European investigate plan entitled Plast4Future is now to continue as a IZADI-Nano2Industryproject, where researchers will use a same record to request aesthetically appreciative decorations to cars. According to Anders Kristensen, a advantages of nanotechnology are indisputable: a attention can furnish cleaner, greener cosmetic that is also cheaper and easier to recycle.

Source: DTU