Intelligent Bike Helmet

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The Classon bike helmet is designed to urge reserve and prominence with gesture-activated spin signals, involuntary stop lights and blind mark detection. This intelligent helmet can work adult to 2.5 hours per assign and communicates with mobile inclination around Bluetooth and a cloud/web around Wi-Fi.


It is designed with LEDs that blink to prove a rider’s idea to others and an integrated accelerometer automatically triggers a stop lights when it detects that a user is entrance to a stop. It also features sensors that review physique transformation and induce a suitable branch light formed on palm gestures. It also has an integrated front and back cameras which continually indicate vicinity for coming objects. An algorithm interprets a information and informs if something is coming from behind. The HD video can be available for some-more than 6 hours and saved to the 4GB inner memory. The app can capacitate live streaming and discerning entrance to edit/share videos or GIFs on amicable media.

The Kickstarter campaign has already reached the appropriation idea of $30.000 in a few days. The backers can design shipments of the product to start someday in April, 2017.

Source: Kickstarter