Introducing Veovo, a Predictive Collaboration Platform for shining airfield operations

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Gentrack Group (NZX/ASX: GTK), a personality in essential program for airports and utilities, have launched Veovo – a new code for a airfield group. Veovo combines a Airport 20/20 operations resolution with a recently acquired BlipTrack guest predictability and Concessionaire Analyzer+ income maximisation solutions. This absolute alloy underpins Veovo’s Predictive Collaboration Platform, delivering data-driven certainty to renovate a airfield ecosystem.

Airports are underneath vigour to broach noted and repeatable practice for augmenting guest numbers while navigating rarely non-static daily operations. The arise of connected automation presents new opportunities, though many of these innovations work in silos and do not work alongside existent technologies. The result: airfield operators need a new model to proactively conduct their operations, resources, systems, use providers and guests. Veovo is during a heart of that transformation.

“Airports need to innovate aggressively to cope with increasing newcomer numbers and boldly adjust for a pattern of daily variables. At a same time, to rivet passengers, many airports are looking to renovate their purpose from movement confine to guest destination. Like many other value chains, Airports are now means to entrance large information innovations that can assistance them optimise their whole operation,” said Chris Warrington, General Manager of Veovo. “Veovo unlocks insights opposite a airfield ecosystem – presaging a best trail brazen and fast joining all stakeholders and resources to respond brilliantly – no matter a situation.”

Today, a Veovo height is used by some-more than 110 airports and their stakeholders to plan, envision and ideal each interaction. As good as delivering value to other ride hubs, Veovo program is also proven to broach shining thesis park, resort, and sell guest experiences.

To find out some-more revisit the Veovo website.

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