Is Silver The Next One For Chinese Momentum Investors?

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Is Silver The Next One For Chinese Momentum Investors?

Is Silver The Next One For Chinese Momentum Investors?

The roulette diversion all started in a tumble of 2014, about 2 years after Chairman Xi Jinping came to energy and became a General Secretary of a Communist Party of China.

Xi Jinping had campaigned for revolutionary mercantile reform, including a unconditional anti-corruption drive, slicing additional prolongation capacity, tightening of housing credit, and clamping down on gaming in Macau. Public feedback was primarily positive. However, mostly as a outcome of those policies, Beijing was confronting an increasingly grave mercantile expansion opinion that was a misfortune in some-more than dual decades*. Manufacturing activity in China slowed along with a tellurian economy and a construction zone stagnated.


In late 2014, a light tuber came on – someone in a aloft row ranks suspicion a batch marketplace could be a penicillin to a mercantile and amicable malaise. The batch marketplace is simply permitted to a open and can offer to fill/occupy their giveaway time. A rising batch marketplace provides a fascinating assets car (as against to low produce bonds), enables listed companies to lift collateral and invest, while internal governments and banks can piggy-back on a taxes and fees generated.

As reported by China Daily Asia on Sep 5, 2014:

“State-run media in China are perplexing to do something a holds attention has unsuccessful to accomplish for many of a past 3 years: get a world’s biggest race to buy some-more stocks.

The Xinhua News Agency published during slightest 8 articles this week advocating equity investing after identical stories seemed in a People’s Daily journal and on State-run radio final month, partial of what Everbright Securities Co pronounced is an augmenting supervision pull to accelerate a market. Authorities have also cut trade fees, done it cheaper to open new accounts and orderly financier presentations by a biggest listed banks…”1

1 “State media debate directed during removing investors to buy equities” China Daily Asia (September 5, 2014).

The banks started domain lending, a use that’s has been taboo given 2007.

The formula speaks for themselves:


In a aftermath, a supervision stepped in and given Jul 2015 purchased stocks, criminialized brief selling, criminialized IPOs, and singular insider selling. All this did was expostulate speculators divided from a marketplace with volumes collapsing.

In early 2016, as Chinese mercantile expansion and fundamentals continued to worsen, a supervision incited behind to what had worked during a 2009 slump: assertive lending in a skill and infrastructure sectors in Q1 2016 supposing relief, and regenerated a housing marketplace and construction industry. It also sparked conjecture divided from a batch marketplace and into a iron ore/steel commodity sector.

According to an essay in a Financial Times:

“The line futures marketplace is a many equal in China,” avows one successful trader, before revelation to one drawback: “It’s formidable to accommodate women.”2

2 “Chinese sell investors chuck tellurian line into a tailspin” Financial Times (May 6, 2016).

Trading line in China — also a world’s biggest consumer of tender materials — is comparatively straightforward.

To set adult a commodity futures brokerage comment in China, an particular needs to yield their identity, in some cases with a video verification, and bank details. A deposition is indispensable to start trading.

Morgan Stanley estimates 160,000 new accounts were set adult online between Jul 2015 and Feb 2016. Individual investors tend to be many active when markets are rising, and have dominated past rallies in Chinese futures.

The following draft speaks to Chinese investment speculation:

Source: Business Insider Australia

According to an essay published by Business Insider Australia on Mar 9:

“…the homogeneous of 977 million tonnes were traded on a Dalian sell on Wednesday [March 9, 2016]. Not usually was it a top daily turnover on record, it exceeded a whole volume of earthy iron ore alien by China over a past year.

In a 12 months to February, China alien a sum of 962.6 million tonnes of an iron ore, a largest year-on-year sum on record.

If a turn of turnover available in Dalian futures on Wednesday was to be replicated over a march of any one standard trade year, it would proportion to around 240 billion tonnes of ore.”3

3 “China is apropos a republic of iron ore traders” Business Insider Australia (March 9, 2016).

The annual universe prolongation of iron ore was 3.22 billion tonnes in 2014, according to Wikipedia.

The supervision stepped in, and given May, has lifted domain requirements, augmenting trade fees, and imposed daily transformation limits. Excessive conjecture on skill and commodity sectors, and a undesired restarting of extrinsic iron ore mines and steel mills have stirred a supervision to emanate a warning on a state-owned People’s Daily that said, on Monday, May 9, that China’s mercantile trend will be “L-shaped”, rather than “U-shaped”, and really not “V-shaped”. Speculators shortly retreated from a iron ore marketplace ensuing in crashing cost and volume.

The following draft shows where speculators incited to:


According to a Bitcoin Magazine essay antiquated May 31, 2016:

“Huobi and OKCoin, a two largest Chinese exchanges that now comment for some 92 percent of Bitcoin tellurian trade by (self-reported) volume, both reported roughly double a common trade volume over a past weekend. BTCC, China’s third largest exchange, also reported a swell in bitcoin trade volume, environment a new record on a Pro Exchange.”4

4 J. Williams, “Bitcoin Price Soars as Chinese Investors Look for Safe Haven From Devaluation and Capital Controls” Bitcoin Magazine (May 31, 2016).

Huobi’s CEO, Leon Li pronounced that: “More and some-more Chinese investors and their prohibited income need a new investment market, and a available choice investment like Bitcoin is easy to be supposed by a traders.”5

5 Ibid.

Given a unfit to quell bitcoin trading, and with singular bitcoin supply, we would not be astounded during all if Bitcoin proceed US$1,000+/BTC in a nearby term.

Curiously, if a crypto-currency though unique value can pattern such popularity, because not assume on bullion and silver? Particularly silver, as it stands out as a “poor man’s gold”, ideal for movement seeking, trigger-happy Chinese investors.

Indeed, open seductiveness in china on a Shanghai Futures Exchange has been usually augmenting this year, with open seductiveness now roughly equal and homogeneous in distance to that of COMEX.

Shanghai Futures Exchange Silver agreement open interest:


The agreement distance is 15kg, roughly 500oz, or 1/10 of a COMEX china agreement distance (5,000 oz). The open seductiveness ballooned from reduction than 200,000 contracts in 2012 to over 600,000 given Apr 2016.

COMEX china open seductiveness (‘000):


What is a take-away?
1. The universe is welcoming a new category of investors numbering in a tens of millions with hundreds of billions in suppositional dollars.
2. Those investors might cite metals over holds and bonds.
3. When those fussy investors arrive, they will emanate a torrential wave.

They might not arrive during china this month or a next, though we shortly think they will buy into this compelling, easy-to-understand investment choice. we possess earthy china and conduct a association intent in china exploration.


Silver traded currently during 18 months high.




Courtesy: John Lee

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