It Looks Like He’s Floating Over A City. How He’s Doing It Is Nuts. Would You Try?

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Fear of heights is one of a many common phobias out there.

After all, humans are flattering ethereal beings. When it comes to descending from good heights, we flattering most snap like twigs. Some people conduct to overcome that fear, however, to scale walls and step out over a Grand Canyon.

At a Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas, one designer has taken this judgment and translated it into a unresolved swimming pool that stretches 10 feet out over a travel below. Yikes!

When station in a glass-bottomed pool, it looks like a swimmer is floating on air. It’s totally surreal.

I don’t know if I’d be dauntless adequate to step out over a edge! Would you? Let us know in a comments, and be certain to share this with all a scaredy-cats in your life.