It Looks Like He’s Just Doodling In The Sand, But The Bird’s-Eye View Is Amazing

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On visits to a beach, we’ve all combined mini castles and drawings in a sand. This male does a same, though on a most incomparable (and some-more incredible) scale.

Artist Tim Hoekstra says he grew adult on a beach and positively desired it, spending all his time there during a summer. Using materials he came opposite on several oceanside outings, he began sketch in a silt and found he unequivocally enjoys it. Now he uses a hillside to emanate pleasing works of proxy art that disappear as shortly as a waves comes in.

Most of Hoekstra’s creations take adult to 4 hours each.

Because they’re cleared divided flattering quickly, he creates certain to constraint photos from a bird’s-eye view.

At first, he took cinema by ascent a GoPro on a kite and drifting it overhead.