Kalburgi murder: Rationalist’s cold blooded murdering shocks Karnataka’s literary capital

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By Aravind S Kamal

Dr. MM. Kalburgi (78), eminent Kannada writer, investigate academician and rationalist has entered a story books as a initial litterateur from Karnataka to be shot passed allegedly for his views on statue ceremony and Hindu rituals. Though no organisation or persons have claimed shortcoming for sharpened Dr. Kalburgi during indicate vacant operation during his home on Sunday morning, initial reports advise that right wing activists competence be involved.

Dr Kalburgi PTI image.Dr Kalburgi PTI image.

Dr Kalburgi PTI image.

People and domestic leaders in Dharwad, a literary collateral of Karnataka that has constructed a top series of Jnanpith awardees in Kannada, are still in a state of startle and disgust. For, this kind of impersonal murder targeting litterateurs was unheard of Karnataka compartment date.

Born in Vijayapura (Bijapur) district in 1938, Dr. Kalburgi complicated Kannada novel and taught during a Department of Kannada, Karnatak University, Dharwad, one of a oldest universities in Karnataka. He was also a vice-chancellor of a Kannada University, Hampi, Ballari (Bellary) district. He had won several critical awards, including those from Central Sahitya Academy, Karnataka Sahitya Academy, Pampa Award, Nadoja Award and Nrupathunga Award.

He had authored over 100 books in Kannada and was a healthy orator too. He was deliberate an management on Vachana novel (propagated by a 12th century philosopher and amicable reformer Basavanna). In fact, Basavanna was opposite to religion, eremite practices and Brahminical rituals. Followers of Basavanna are called Lingayats in Karnataka and Dr. Kalburgi belonged to a same community. Of late, Dr. Kalburgi had grown a gusto for such subjects and they reflected in his open speeches, that led to annoy among a territory of society.

Last year, a military had filed a box opposite him for allegedly spiteful a sentiments of Hindus after he criticized statue ceremony quoting a literary work of another distinguished author and Jnanpith awardee late Dr. UR. Ananthamurthy. Not to be quiet down by such intimidations, Dr. Kalburgi continued his debate opposite statue ceremony and Brahminical rituals.

His home in Dharwad city was targeted by miscreants, who pelted stones and bottles. In another instance, activists uneasy his open debate when he lifted a emanate of statue worship. For a final 8 months, a military had deployed crew outward his home and they also accompanied him wherever he went, as he faced threats since of his comments. The litterateur had never suggested in open either he perceived any threats directly or indirectly.

Only 15 days ago, he requested a military to repel a special insurance given to him. On Sunday morning, around 7:40 am, dual youths knocked his doorway and his gullible mother ushered them in. Introducing themselves as students of a professor, they entered his room and shot him twice in his forehead. Before Dr. Kalburgi’s mother could come to her senses, a youths had fled on their motorbike.

While a resources heading to his genocide advise that some wild elements could be behind a incident, a military have not released any central matter since they do not have any clues as of now. That a litterateur has been targeted in Karnataka for his pointy critique of statue ceremony is something that has doubtful a police. Dr. Kalburgi led a calm life with all his children posterior opposite professions. There was positively no family feuds or skill disputes that can yield opposite motives to a murder.

The military have to start probing a box from a scratch. Another jump for a military is that there were no central complaints or incidents involving right wing activists opposite Dr. Kalburgi in a final 6 months. Establishing a ground for a murder will be a vital challenge. The military have to rest on a outline of a killers to be supposing by Dr. Kalburgi’s wife, who is still in a shock. If a military do not get it right from a beginning, this box in all odds will sojourn an unsolved mystery!

The hideous murdering of Dr. Kalburgi has already sparked widespread protests opposite Karnataka with a military bringing a conditions underneath control. Now, there are calls to observe bandh in North Karnataka district to reject a killing.