Kanye West for boss to Justin Bieber crying: The weirdest things that happened during 2015 MTV VMAs

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Taylor Swift won video of a year, Miley Cyrus fast flashed one of her breasts and Kanye West ranted during a 2015 MTV Video Music Awards and even claimed he’d be using for President.

The VMAs are as most about a performances as a noted moments. Here are some from a 2015 event:

Kanye for President

Kanye West perceived a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for his noted song videos and live performances over a years, though it was his gusto for unscripted speeches that combined to a anticipation.

During a wayward speech, he pronounced he got high before removing on stage, arrange of apologized to Taylor Swift for interrupting her acceptance debate in 2009, explained how his daughter North West has altered him, ranted opposite MTV and announced that he designed to run for boss in 2020.

“This locus tomorrow is gonna be a totally opposite setup, this theatre will be gone. After that night, a theatre was gone, though a impact that it had on people remained,” West pronounced about running on a theatre during Swift’s debate during a 2009 VMAs.

“The problem was a contradiction. The counterbalance is we do quarrel for artists, though in that quarrel we somehow was unpleasant to artists. we didn’t know how to contend a right thing, a ideal thing.”

Ummmm, OK.

The Minajathon

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj exchanged moving tweets before to a Sunday night’s awards,

but they teamed adult for a showing-opening duet that finished with a hug. The genuine impulse during a tip of a uncover gathering home a indicate that womanlike friends were value some-more than any trophy.

But Nicki and Miley Cyrus aren’t finished yet.

After winning best hip-hop video for “Anaconda,” Minaj called out this year’s horde for criticizing her in a new New York Times interview. Cyrus retorted that she mislaid a VMA in 2008 and she persevered.

After collecting a endowment on Sunday, Minaj told a audience: “And now behind to this b—- that had a lot to contend about me a lot in a press. Miley, what’s good?”

The usually thing we knew for certain when a impulse ended: Minaj also wins this year’s endowment for throwing shade.

Miley’s Fashion Moments

For all a hype heading adult to Cyrus’ hosting gig, a foul-mouthed, scarcely always close-to-naked thespian did not defect those awaiting her to both startle and amuse. Her extravagantly charming outfits via a uncover ranged from see-through to hardly covering her body.

Miley Cyrus during a 2015 MTV VMA awards. ReutersMiley Cyrus during a 2015 MTV VMA awards. Reuters

Miley Cyrus during a 2015 MTV VMA awards. Reuters

She even took it a step serve and flashed her pap during a dress change.

As a camera panned backstage, Cyrus unsuccessful to cover adult and a promote fast cut divided to a throng while she continued to talk. She afterwards said, “What’s happening? Oh, sorry.”

Throughout a show, she done references to drugs and sang about smoking pot during a final opening of a show.

Nothing new there.

Bieber Break Down

Justin Bieber returned to a VMA theatre with a high-flying opening of his new single, “What Do You Mean?”

In a voiceover, a immature thespian talked about his tour and came overhanging out of the rafters. After a performance, Bieber was overcome by tension and fan reactions. And this happened:

Justin Bieber reacts after behaving during a MTV Video Music Awards. APJustin Bieber reacts after behaving during a MTV Video Music Awards. AP

Justin Bieber reacts after behaving during a MTV Video Music Awards. AP

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