Katy Perry Is The Latest Victim Of A Hacker

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Twitter supporters of cocktail star Katy Perry were repelled final night when a thespian seemed to have sent out a array of homophobic and racists messages, before promulgation a couple to an apparent unreleased song. Shortly thereafter however it became transparent that a 31-year old’s comment had been hacked and a tweets were deleted, nonetheless she has nonetheless to residence a incident.

The Teenage Dream thespian has over 89 million supporters on Twitters, that is a many supporters anyone has on a amicable media platform. One of a messages that was presumably sent by her was a shout-out to Taylor Swift, with whom she has had a prolonged time rivalry. “Miss u baby @taylorswift13,” a twitter said.

The couple was to a strain called Witness on StormCloud, and it does seem to be an unreleased Perry track, though again no central word has been given.


It’s trust that Romanian-based Twitter user sw4ylol is behind a attack, since during a finish of the penetrate that said “#hackersgonnahack,” before seeking people to follow their account.

Photo: Eva Rinaldi Wikipedia