Kell Brook, James De Gale, Lee Selby among 11 British World Champions: A demeanour during Jamie McDonnell

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It is a stately time to be a British fighting fan. Huge fights here, there and everywhere and there are even some-more entrance up. 

As of 31st of Oct 2015, Britain boasts 11 World Champions (yes we am counting halt champions) with 4 some-more fighters scheduled for pretension bouts in a subsequent few months.

It truly is a golden era with domestic fights are now apropos pretension eliminators, Callum Smith vs Rocky Fielding springs to mind, yet for now we demeanour during a 11 World Champions. In a initial of this array we form Jamie McDonnell.

Jamie McDonnell – WBA Bantamwight Champion
Won pretension vs Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat 10th Round Stoppage – 3 pretension defences

Jamie Mcdonnell has astounded a lot of people with his arise to a tip of a Bantamweight division. In his initial 11 fights he had dual defeats and one pull and nobody would have suspicion he would one day turn World Champion.

Always a underdog, McDonnell became a dual time Bantamweight World Champion defeating Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat with a grand arrangement knocking out a champion in a 10th round.

It was a highway to emancipation for a male from Doncaster who had already been Champion in 2013 when he degraded Julio Ceja yet was nude of a pretension when unwell to determine a understanding with a imperative challenger. He was afterwards left yet a upholder when he separate with Dennis Hobson after wanted a quarrel that was disdainful to Sky Sports as good as being mad that he had waited 5 months and a imperative quarrel had nonetheless to be arranged.

Being nude of a pretension was a outrageous blow yet he dusted himself off, had dual fights to get himself adult to speed before ruthlessly knocking down Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat with a large left palm to a head.

His initial counterclaim finished in a same turn with a ref stepping in to finish Javier Chacon hopes of apropos champion before relocating onto a brights lights of America and Tomoki Kameda.

The quarrel was meant to be a joint hitch yet a WBO refused to permit a quarrel with Kameda giving his pretension adult to quarrel McDonnell. Unbeaten in 31 fights including 4 pretension fights and a advantage of already carrying fought in America, a Japanese was approaching to have too most for a British challenger. But it didn’t work out like that.

Despite being knocked down in a third round, McDonnell rose from a board and refused to give adult what he had worked so tough for. He dominated a final turn that valid to be essential with all 3 judges scoring a fight 114-113.

If a initial quarrel was a gutsy arrangement a rematch 4 months after would be a jabbing masterclass from McDonnell. Despite a delayed start McDonnell started to take control with his grand poke not permitting Kameda to get to a center of a ring. This time it was a far-reaching unanimous preference in his foster and he fast singalled his intentions to eventually pierce adult to Super-Bantam with a outrageous quarrel with Scott Quigg or Carl Frampton being thrown around.

In a meant time we could see a joint quarrel with Lee Haskins, a male who gave McDonnell his second career better in 2008. Who would’ve yet that quarrel could turn a intensity joint clash?

However that quarrel might never happen. McDonnell has already mapped out his future.

“You’ve got to keep a round rolling so we need to line that subsequent quarrel up,” he said.

“I’m feeling good, fit and clever and we don’t wish two, 3 or 4 months out of a ring. I’ll have a few weeks off, have a break, afterwards get true behind in it. Hopefully we’ll get a large name during bantamweight before we pierce up.

“I’d like to get one some-more quarrel in before Christmas, afterwards pierce adult subsequent year and win a universe pretension during super-bantamweight before a finish of subsequent year.

“I’ll substantially have 3 or 4 large fights afterwards hit it on a head, so maybe a integrate some-more years.”

At 29 years aged it is transparent McDonnell isn’t meddlesome in fighting late into his 30’s. Juan Carlos Payano is being sloping as his final Bantamwight quarrel – he binds a ‘Super’ chronicle of a WBA title.

He will also be anticipating his twin hermit Gavin can also secure a World Title. Unbeaten in 16 fights (2 draws), he believes he still has time to realize his World Title dreams.

Jamie has been in a business 5 years longer than Gavin and is anticipating a retire in a subsequent integrate of years, yet with a few some-more pretension wins to his name as good as outrageous British Super Bantamweight strife subsequent year.

One thing is for certain it will take a dynamic male to take divided what McDonnell has battled so tough for.