Kell Brook, James De Gale, Lee Selby among 11 British World Champions: A demeanour during Lee Haskins

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It is a stately time to be a British fighting fan. Huge fights here, there and everywhere and there are even some-more entrance up. 

As of 31st of Oct 2015, Britain boasts 11 World Champions (yes we am counting halt champions) with 4 some-more fighters scheduled for pretension bouts in a subsequent few months.

It truly is a golden era with domestic fights are now apropos pretension eliminators, Callum Smith vs Rocky Fielding springs to mind, though for now we demeanour during a 11 World Champions. In a second of this array we form Lee Haskins.

Lee Haskins – IBF (Interim) Bantamweight Champion
Won pretension vs Ryosuke Iwasa 6th Round Stoppage – 0 defences

Lee Haskins, only like Jamie McDonnell, has turn World Champion a tough way. Three defeats in his career led to some doubts during either he deserved a shot during a title.

After being knocked down 3 times in his final better to Stephane Jamoye he might have been meditative a same thing. But 5 wins after including claiming the empty European Bantamweight title, Haskins done a step adult and did so in harmful fashion.

A grand opening saw a male from Bristol browbeat from a initial bell with some glorious combinations alighting in a second. The Japanese Champion only couldn’t get tighten and fighting outward of Japan for a initial time looked mislaid before eventually being knocked down in a 6th before a ref stepped in giving Haskins his initial universe title.

It has set adult a strife to win a IBF pretension when he goes to a home of Boxing, Las Vegas, to take on Randy Caballero. Caballero is a grand user though has been dead with an damage for several months and it is a outrageous event for Haskins to make a outrageous name for himself in America.

The quarrel opposite Caballero has been a year in a creation with Haskins billed to take on a American before a aforementioned damage though Haskins who has bided his time during Domestic, European and Commonwealth turn has now arrived in a large time.

A male whose each punch is given limit bid and who leaves all in a ring, Haskins is removing his dream hitch in Las Vegas something that each fighter dreams of doing during slightest once in their career.

Turning pro approach behind in 2004, Haskins went 15 fights unbeaten, winning a Commonwealth flyweight pretension before stepping adult to Bantamweight. It didn’t go to devise to start with, losing by TKO in his initial quarrel and timid harmed from his third.

Fully fit he would his fortunes would shortly urge violence destiny World Champions Jamie McDonnell and Stuart Hall, a latter for a European Championship. He would remove that pretension immediately though again has put wins together with a large quarrel for a 31 year aged only around a corner.

Las Vegas beckons for a male they call ‘Playboy’ and if he wins subsequent month design a outrageous celebration from a Haskins camp.