Kids Hilariously React To Music By AC/DC, Making Us All Feel Like Dinosaurs

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I don’t wish to make anyone feel old, yet a existence is that a oldies hire is substantially personification some things we cruise to be new.

Heck, even Britney Spears’ early work is starting to make a approach onto a list. So when it comes to a rockers of a ’70s and ’80s, it’s protected to contend that lots of kids these days won’t have any thought about bands we’ve deliberate to be influential.

Of course, there are always relatives who pass down their song traditions, and when it comes to an successful rope like AC/DC, some kids will have listened their many famous songs while out and about. Watching them conflict to conference AC/DC for expected a initial time, though, is firm to make we feel some kind of way.

You’ll be gratified to know a kids unequivocally like a music, observant a few times a skills of late guitarist Malcolm Young. Their reactions are totally value examination in a video below.


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Well, it’s good to know a kids still have good taste. Parents, time to mangle out a aged annals and CDs and learn your kids about your favorite bands flourishing up!