Kode 0 Supercar From Ken Okuyama

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Ken Okuyama is good famous in automobile design, he was concerned in moulding a Chevrolet Corvette (C5), a Porsche 911 (996) and others projects. Last year he unveiled the Kode 57 during Monterey Car Week, this year gifted engineer churned a covers off a new origination – a Kode 0. Slimline stop lights lay above large filigree vents, that give a good perspective during dual lead immature cooling fans.

The Kode 0 is a supercar to contest with Lamborghini and Ferrari. Power comes from a naturally aspirated V12 with 700 hp and 690 Nm of torque with a seven-speed gearbox. The automobile rides on a fully-independent double-wishbone cessation with magento-rheologic dampers.

Lamborghini Aventador has also mid-mounted V12 and pushrod suspension. The Kode 0 interior blueprint is also scarcely matching to Aventador’s. The seats are embellished in quilted china leather, while a lead immature has also been used on a steering wheel, dashboard and instrument binnacle. No cost was announced for a Kode 0, though there is no doubt that there are some collectors peaceful to have such a singular square of design. Take a demeanour during a Kode 0 presentation at The Quail, Motorsports Gathering event.

Source: Ken Okuyama Design

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