Korean Beauty Brands That You Should Know About

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With a recognition of Korean beauty and skincare gradually augmenting in North American, it’s no tip that products from South Korea are apropos mainstream. The worshiped beauty secrets and tricks of Korean women have led to a emplacement on achieving glowing, dewy skin and rocking a no makeup look. With Korean makeup involving minimalism (as against to a indian mettle and smokey eyes), a concentration is mostly on a fresh, childish visage. With some skincare regimens involving adult to 10 steps, skincare plays a large purpose in Korean beauty. Over a past few years, a series of brands have turn some-more hackneyed with beauty fanatics. If we wish to pull your skin and cosmetic cues from this Asian culture, we’ve dull adult a few Korean brands that are increasingly earning a repute in a beauty world. 


Missha launched in 2000 and claims to offer some-more than over 600 products from cosmetics, hair products and skin care. The code believes in formulating peculiarity products during an affordable price, and is famous for their operation of BB creams. 

Amore Pacific

Amore Pacific was combined in 1945 and owns 30 brands that offer beauty and health caring products. The beauty association claims to emanate a products by handpicking mixture from their possess gardens. Some mixture they use in their products are immature tea leaves, bamboo corrupt and a plant called red ginseng. Amore Pacific has their possess investigate laboratory and usually uses a many slicing corner record to emanate their products, that can be purchased online. 

Etude House

Etude House is one of a many renouned beauty brands in Korea, and is owned by Amore Pacific. They have 3 flagship stores that are princess themed. The code is pronounced to emanate products for smart immature women who aim to be viewed as beauty icons. The code offers all from spike gloss and skincare products to redolence and a hair line. 


Moonshot has a possess flagship store in Seoul, where it carries a preference of cosmetics and skincare. The products are targeted to a stylish and contemporary client, with obvious Korean models such as Sungkyung Lee and Sora Choi being selected as famous faces for a brand. 

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