Ladies Room, Alisha, Girl in a City: Web array for women are a thing, and they’re unequivocally good

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What are the options a lady has on a weekend night in, if she wants to watch something girly though not Sex And The City (again), or something humorous though not Amy Schumer re-runs?

Let’s see; there are boring, aged sitcoms re-hashed by TV channels, or there’s nonetheless another rom-com that will possibly make we feel super low, or make we tremble depending your attribute status. Also if anyone tells me one some-more time, “dude Game of Thrones“, let’s only say you won’t need to watch The Conjuring 2 for your sip of fear (really don’t caring about Jon Snow, thanks).

And so, one uneventful Saturday night we motionless to hunt a corners of a interwebz to find something to watch that would prove all my needs: something girly, something low and something humorous — all during once. It was utterly a quest, though afterwards surprisingly, Youtube came to my rescue.


Mithila Palkar in ‘Girl in a City’. Image from Facebook.

I stumbled on a rarely renouned Bindaas show, Girl In a City and motionless to give it a shot. Sure a protagonist, Maithili Palkar (who’s an internet sensation), was tad too immature for my liking, as a uncover chronicles a life of a conform novice and her vibrated struggler life in Mumbai. But something about a uncover had me hooked. It could be that instead of a formulaic two-hour-long film about a same tropes of love, conform and friendship, here’s a 10 notation web-episode that seemed some-more uninformed in a execution. A integrate of hours later, we had binge watched 5 episodes and was descending quick down a rabbit hole that is web array for women online.

Yes, that’s a thing.

My online assignation welcomed me into a universe where there was good content, only for women, on Youtube: a pop-sy uncover (Girl In The City), a investigator array that revolves around a view who solves mysteries due to her conform clarity (Alisha), and a uncover about dual women in bathrooms (Ladies Room). It was an peculiar combination; investigator stories, fashion, pre-teen play and toilet humour. But we desired a variety, cliches and all.

maxresdefault (1)maxresdefault (1)

A shade squeeze from a show.

Girl In The City 
tells a story of Meera, a lady from Dehradun who comes to Mumbai to be a partial of a conform industry. She has 3 months to make a symbol before her Army-officer father calls her back. Eight episodes down, a uncover has it all: A hunky indication to drool over, lots of fun designs pleasantness a conform room Meera works in, a bff with some untrustworthy emanate that will exhibit itself as a plot-point soon, a friend-zoned roommate who is clearly going to confess his adore for Meera soon, unchanging use of ethanol and pot (a clincher since who likes an unreal, implicitly grounded show?) a bitchy boss, a unequivocally gifted protagonist (obviously) and lots of product placements for Castrol Activ Scooter.

A finish anti-thesis to Girl In The City, is YRF’s Ladies Room. You can trust YRF to get it right, after a success of their prior web-series such as Man’s World and Bang Baaja Baarat. This uncover facilities dual women — Khanna and Dingo (effortless acted by Shreya Dhanwantary and Saba Azad) and is filmed in 6 loos. Yes a design in this series, as if a name of a uncover isn’t a spirit enough, is bathrooms.

From episodes like ‘In Which Dingo And Khanna Find A Flood Of Emotion‘ that is set in a flooding lavatory with plumbing issues, or ‘In Which Dingo And Khanna Get Caught with Pot‘ that is set in a (really gross) sight bathroom, Ladies Room doesn’t trust in holding back; on possibly a puns or a toilet humour. Both a ladies are bloody (no joke intended) good during bringing it all together to make a crackling show.


Saba Azad and Shreya Dhanwantary in ‘Ladies Room’. Youtube shade grab.

The infrequent conversational tinge in Ladies Room is a remit from a teen play trope in Girl In The City, and as a genuine lady in a genuine civic city, we found Ladies Room far some-more relatable. The uncover touches on themes and anecdotes like pregnancy scares, a jerk of a married co-worker who sends dick pics on Tinder, incidentally celebration H2O laced with MDMA and tripping so tough we have a quarrel with your f*ck buddy, and suchlike. While a humour competence seem a bit forced in pieces (mostly Saba Azad), altogether a uncover is a large win in merging a picturesque story line that is still strong entertaining.

The biggest leader of a uncover is substantially a approach a dual women pronounce to one another: abuses galore, no binds barred. There’s zero delicate about a show, and nonetheless it doesn’t seem alienating to even a many girliest of girls. Ladies Room is an answer to all those prevalent stereotypes about girls: sleepovers in underwear, sham fights and an overdose of pink. The web-series shows us how we are all a same with a friends, regardless of gender. Infact, Ladies Room shows us that we are a same, period. Shit happens to all of us (literally).

Kudos to writers of a show Ratnabali Bhattacharjee and Neha Kaul Mehra.


Screen squeeze from ‘Ladies Room’.

And finally, there’s Alisha, a investigator web-series starring Lianne Texeira and Sarah Hashmi (in arrange of Sherlock-Watson roles) that mixes conform and mystery. Alisha solves crimes by being a conform nerd, and a series has a arrange of understated humour that you’d need in a uncover like this.

The mysteries themselves might be utterly forgettable, though here’s a uncover that takes a girly component and gives it a arrange of edge. It still has a prevalent publicity in make adult code Blush, that drives these kind of web array (with Ladies Room it was valuables code Mia) though one contingency extol a makers of these shows for literally thinking out of a compact.

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Screen squeeze from ‘Alisha’. Youtube shade grab.

Sure, one can disagree that there isn’t anything in these shows that is ground-breakingly new. If anything, all 3 web-series work good within a stereotypes compared with calm for women. But there is such a thing as good stereotypes, and it’s best used when we streamline calm for one sold section.

That Saturday night we slept well, and we have a many cliched reason why. After binge-watching Girl In The City, Alisha and Ladies Room by a night, when a object rose during 5 am, and we yawned my final yawn, we realised we was not alone. The million and views on any of these shows combined, done me feel happy about a fact that we are finally creation online shows for women, starring women. And we could swear we found it tough to find one shade of pinkish in there.