Lead-acid battery companies join army with Argonne National Laboratory to raise battery performance

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Exploring a unrealized intensity of lead batteries is a idea of a new partnership between a U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and dual heading lead recycling and lead battery production companies, RSR Technologies and East Penn Manufacturing.

The partnership will capacitate RSR and East Penn to use Argonne’s state-of-the-art analytic technologies to accelerate a examine of lead batteries in sequence to raise performance.

Researchers with a Argonne Center for Collaborative Energy Storage Science (ACCESS) will partner with attention to urge lead-acid battery performance. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Researchers with a Argonne Center for Collaborative Energy Storage Science (ACCESS) will partner with attention to urge lead-acid battery performance. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Tests undertaken will examine a elemental ride processes in lead batteries regulating a accumulation of characterization techniques accessible during Argonne. Scientists during Argonne who will work on a plan have endless knowledge in synchrotron X-ray techniques, in sold for characterizing materials underneath tranquil electrochemical conditions.

“We’ve famous for years that a core reduction is a function of lead inside a batteries. Lead-based record has poignant new opening intensity that can be tapped by improving active element function inside a battery,” pronounced Timothy Ellis, boss of RSR Technologies in Dallas, Tex. “The lead battery attention has not had adequate entrance to a right analytic collection to entirely examine this phenomenon. This new partnership will capacitate us to use Argonne’s technical facilities, so that we hopefully will expose what has been different for many years.”

The companies have assimilated army with a Argonne Center for Collaborative Energy Storage Science (ACCESS) in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). Work began this month and will run over dual phases for 18 months. It will engage a phony of indication electrodes and a function of high-energy X-ray techniques, high-resolution three-dimensional imaging and other technologies to clear a mysteries of a materials scholarship that underpins lead-based technology.

“This is an sparkling event to work in partnership with a National Laboratory of Argonne’s repute and caliber. A deeper bargain of this essential battery record will assistance us urge it over a poignant advancements that have already been made,” pronounced Bob Flicker, COO of East Penn. “We demeanour brazen to finding new improvements in a electrochemical efficiencies that will assistance us even improved offer a power-hungry market.”

Argonne is good famous for a extensive story of examine and growth on lithium batteries, though has knowledge with a far-reaching operation of battery chemistries.

“Lead-acid batteries are some of a oldest form of rechargeable batteries and are still widely used in many applications, including cars, fork-lifts and still storage, to usually name a few,” pronounced Andreas Roelofs, halt executive of ACCESS. “Argonne is vehement to partner with attention to serve urge on a opening of this appetite storage technology, that could boost appetite potency and sustainability.”

East Penn is a heading manufacturer of high peculiarity lead-acid batteries and accessories for a automotive, commercial, marine, ground power, UPS and telecommunication markets.

RSR Technologies is a examine and growth association engaged  in a nonferrous smelting and enlightening industries. The association provides services to battery, mining and smelting companies and is focused on achieving a top standards for health, reserve and a environment.

Source: ANL