Listen To George Michael’s New Posthumously Released Single, Fantasy

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George Michael upheld divided final Dec 25 during a age of 53, from heart illness and a rave of fat in his liver, and fans have been anguish ever since. Today yet those same fans have a reason to be during slightest a small happier, a new strain by their statue has been expelled posthumously.

The strain is called Fantasy, and it perceived a initial radio airplay today.  The singular was available in a late 1980s and was meant to be partial of his strike 1990 manuscript Listen Without Prejudice, though somewhere along a line it was pulled and lost. Last year however Michael went to funk-master Nile Rodgers with a singular and asked him to redo it for a re-issue of a album. Unfortunately Michael upheld divided before a re-working was completed. Rogers however finished it up, in time for a reissued album, Listen Without Prejudice/MTV Unplugged, that comes out on Oct 20.

Along with a song, Rogers also tweeted “You SHOULD have churned feelings. No one’s heart was dragged by romantic ambiguity some-more than mine.Tears, uncertainty, complacency #LOVE”.

You can listen to Fantasy below.


Photo: Frantogian on Wikipedia