Listen To Lady Gaga’s New Single The Cure

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Lady Gaga might not have been a strange superstar during Coachella week one, though she positively stepped adult to a charge and done a throng forget Beyoncé was ostensible to be there. Not usually did she perform 19 songs during her 90 notation set, though she also debuted a new single.

Beyoncé has to postpone her Coachella coming this year due to her pregnancy, and Lady Gaga was given a month and a half to ready to step in. It ewas a initial time a womanlike artist headlined a eventuality given Björk did so in 2007. The tens of thousands of people who were conduct Gaga state “I have been by so most in my life and I’ve seen so much, and we heal me each time with your love” before ripping into her new strain The Cure.

Gaga, who also was a categorical captivate during a Superbowl halftime uncover progressing this year, started her uncover during 11:30 pm with a video montage, followed by her opening number. About partial approach by her set she sang The Cure, that contains “If we can’t find a cure, I’ll / I’ll repair we with my adore / No matter what we know, I’ll / I’ll repair we with my love,” as a chorus. You can take a listen to it below.

Lady Gaga’s latest manuscript is Joanne, and it was expelled in Oct of final year.