Lost in Lafayette Gunfire, Two With Bright Futures

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LAFAYETTE, La. — It seems that everybody in Lafayette knows, or knew, someone who was in that theater.

Among those harmed in a sharpened were a obvious owners of an oil margin supply vessel company, Dwight “Bo” Ramsay, and his wife, Gerry, a cousin of a area’s congressional representative, Charles Boustany.

Then there were a dual teachers, Jean Meaux and Ali Martin, hailed as heroes for their courage and bravery in environment off a alarm yet both were badly wounded. And there is a Facebook post by Acadiana Yoga and Wellness seeking for prayers for a yoga clergyman training connoisseur who was “shot 5 times,” Morgan Julia Egedahl — as good as her crony Jillian Johnson.

Ms. Johnson, who was 33, did not survive. On Thursday night, that news began to disseminate on amicable media, and friends opposite southern Louisiana took it as a punch in a gut.

Ms. Johnson, while not a internal of Louisiana, was as large a champion of a segment as anyone. With a devious wit and a sharp, cultured eye, she was a co-owner of a copy business, Parish Ink, that specialized in shirts that trumpeted boudin sausage, image lunches and other aged Acadiana verities. She owned a boutique business with her father that sole print prints, jewelry, wallets and all sorts of other things one would get if, as her crony Christiaan Mader put it, “you didn’t know what to get somebody for Christmas.”

Jillian Johnson, who was 33.

Design was not a extent of her gifts: Ms. Johnson was also a songwriter, singer, ukulele actor and member of several bands. She brought it all together — her pattern sense, low-pitched gifts and adore of internal enlightenment — in manuscript design she combined for a Cajun and zydeco bands of south Louisiana.

“Sometimes it does take somebody from a outward to reason adult a counterpart and say, ‘This is you, and this is because you’re beautiful,’ ” pronounced Mr. Mader, a Lafayette-raised author and musician.

“Jillian did that.”

Mayci Breaux, who was 21.

In a news discussion during a sanatorium where 5 of a victims were taken on Thursday night, David Callecod, a boss of a Lafayette General Health system, emphasized how good famous and dignified Ms. Johnson was around a city. But he forked out that a other immature lady who died in a shooting, 21-year-old Mayci Breaux, had a deeper tie to a hospital.

“She was scheduled to start radiology propagandize here during Lafayette General only in a few days,” Mr. Callecod said. “And only dual weeks ago, she toured a trickery and met many of a staff. This really, it hurts.”

Ms. Breaux was a beauty black from Franklin, a tiny Cajun city an hour southeast of Lafayette. In 2013, according to a St Mary and Franklin Banner Tribune, she was a lassie in a Krewe of Sucrose, a Mardi Gras bar aptly named for a city that sits amid sugarine shaft fields. She was named “most beautiful” by her comparison category and was a co-captain of her cheerleading squad. In 2011, she went to Washington to take partial in an anti-abortion march.

She had been operative during a boutique in Lafayette called Coco Eros. On Friday, a handwritten pointer was taped to a front door, observant that a store would be sealed for a day in her memory. The note contained a heart with a line struck by it.