Macramé Is A Quirky New Summertime Décor Trend

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Photo: prettykooky on Instagram 

For Summer 2016, structured and neat décor can be pushed aside for whimsical, independent accents during home. Whether you’re looking to modernise your downtown condo or your country cottage, spin to macramé for an tractable and surprisingly stylish finishing touch. As a skies spin blue and a days turn prolonged and languid, we’ve gathered a few elementary ways to adorn with this woven weave now.

Decorate your kitchen with minimalist macramé plant hangers: If you’re infused your kitchen with uninformed greenery for a summertime, try suspending your favourite plants from swinging white macramé hangers. Arrange these hangers in a quarrel over your kitchen sink, and use musical trinkets to move your space to life.

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Furnish your neutral vital room with musty macramé wall art: For an now relaxed vital room, try adorning your ivory walls with unresolved beige macramé décor. The quirky wall art helps to agree a neutral paint colour, while woven baskets, a stylish dim brownish-red lounge and a black and white striped sham hang adult a look.


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Incorporate a stylish macramé pitch into your space: If you’re a child during heart, try releasing your middle child this deteriorate with a domestic white macramé indoor swing. To adorn a rest of a room, hang to white section walls for a truly industrial outcome and supplement a musty printed ottoman. Meanwhile, perfect white curtains, plants and a cold constructional candelabrum raise a demeanour of a macramé décor.