MagPi 64: get started with electronics

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Hey folks, Rob here again! You get a double sip of me this month, as now outlines a recover of The MagPi 64. In this emanate we give we a finish wiring starter beam to assistance we learn how to make circuits that bond to your Raspberry Pi!

The front cover of MagPi 64



Wires, wires everywhere!
In a wiring feature, we’ll learn we how to brand opposite components in circuit diagrams, we’ll explain what they do, and we’ll give we some simple wiring instructions so we can take your initial steps. The underline also includes step-by-step tutorials on how to make a digital radio and a range-finder, definition we can exam out your new wiring skills immediately!


Christmas tutorials
Electronics are cool, though what else is in this issue? Well, we have sparkling news about a subsequent Google AIY Projects Vision kit, that forgoes audio for images, permitting we to build a intelligent camera with your Raspberry Pi.

We’ve also enclosed guides on how to emanate your possess text-based journey diversion and a kaleidoscope camera. And, only in time for a gratifying season, there’s a educational for creation a 3D-printed Pi-powered Christmas tree star. All this in The MagPi 64, along with plan showcases, reviews, and most more!

Using a normal web cam or a Raspberry Pi camera furnish genuine time live kaleidoscope effects with a Raspberry Pi. This video shows a normal mode, along with an automobile pre-rotate, and a plane and straight flip.


Get The MagPi 64
Issue 64 is accessible now from WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. If we live in a US, conduct over to your internal Barnes Noble or Micro Center in a subsequent few days. You can also get a new emanate online from a store, or digitally around a Android and iOS apps. And don’t forget, there’s always a giveaway PDF as well.


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Want to support a Raspberry Pi Foundation and a magazine, and get some cold giveaway stuff? If we take out a twelve-month imitation subscription to The MagPi, you’ll get a Pi Zero W, Pi Zero case, and adapter cables positively free! This offer does not now have an finish date.

We wish we suffer this issue!

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