Majority of Further Education students have gifted dating and attribute violence

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Research conducted during Cardiff University found that in a organisation of 16-19 year aged Further Education students in England and Wales, 55.1% of males and 53.5% of females reported experiencing some form of dating and attribute violence.

Results also found that that those who had ever sent a intimately pithy picture of themselves were between 2-8 times some-more expected to have gifted some form of dating and attribute violence. Around 45% of participants in a investigate reported promulgation intimately pithy images.

Dating and attribute assault is tangible as threats, romantic abuse, coercion, determining behaviours, earthy violence, and coerced, non-consensual or violent passionate activities perpetrated by a stream or former infrequent or solid partner.

The study, that collected information from 2105 students, found that a many common form of dating and attribute assault was determining behaviour, gifted by some-more than one third of all participants with dating or attribute experience.

Dr Honor Young of Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences who led a research, said: “The formula of this investigate found that, generally, socio-demographic characteristics were not associated to dating and attribute violence. The deficiency of gender differences and amicable patterning suggests that dating and attribute assault is apropos normalised for 16-19 year olds.

“The other outcome from a investigate was a increasing contingency of experiencing some form of dating and attribute assault for those who have ever sent a intimately pithy image. This was between 2-8 times larger for males and 2-4 times larger for females…”

Source: Cardiff University

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