Mamta Kulkarni now a co-accused in drug pole case: Thane police

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Thane Police on Saturday pronounced that former singer Mamta Kulkarni was now a co-accused in a drug pole box along with father Vicky Goswami, according to new justification obtained.

“Mamta Kulkarni’s father Vicky Goswami is already an accused,” ANI quoted Paramveer Singh of Thane military as observant in a press conference. “We will send a ask to Interpol for a red dilemma notice opposite Mamta Kulkarni by CBI,” he serve said.

Mamta Kulkarni. CNN-News18Mamta Kulkarni. CNN-News18

Mamta Kulkarni. CNN-News18

Singh also pronounced that a military was verifying a Kulkarni’s bank accounts and investments in tie with a drug rackets case.

According to The Indian Express, a Thane military has so distant arrested 10 people in tie with a box in that ephedrine for medicines was allegedly being diverted from a Solapur section of Avon Lifesciences Ltd and used for creation narcotics.

Police had also pronounced that a categorical indicted in a box was also in hold with Goswami who had designed to used a ephedrine to make meth during a bureau in Tanzania.

Another news in The Times of India pronounced that a Thane military had progressing also designed to emanate a red dilemma notice opposite Goswami.

The news combined that a military also mentioned that Manoj Jain, a categorical indicted in a case, had met Goswami along with another indicted Kishore Rathor in January.

This whole drug pole initial came to light when Thane military arrested a Nigerian male in a drug box on 18 Apr when a military seized around 18.5 tonne of ephedrine after raiding a premises of Avon Lifesciences Ltd in Maharashtra’s Solapur district.

According to police, ephedrine, that is a tranquil drug, was allegedly being diverted from a Solapur section of Avon Lifesciences and sent abroad after processing.

Singh pronounced military have information that Kulkarni and other members of a drug associate participated in a assembly hold on 8 January, 2016 in Mombasa, Kenya where a logistics concerned in transporting ephedrine were discussed. Another assembly was hold on 8 Apr in Dubai where dual persons from Morocco were benefaction along with Goswami and Kulkarni, he said.

Avon, whose executives are among those arrested in a box so far, had 2 crore shares of that 11 lakh was to be alloted to Kulkarni. She was also to be inducted on a company’s board. Assets and bank accounts of Kulkarni in India, managed by Goswami and her sister, were being probed, he said.

After a box had come underneath a media scanner, a city-based builder, from whom Kulkarni had bought flats, had denied any couple with Goswami, a drug pole primary accused, or with drug syndicate.

Shabbir Patel, who faced allegations of links with drug mafia, had created a minute to Thane Police Commissioner Parambir Singh rejecting a charge.

“I have no links with anyone by a name of Vicky Goswami. The avowal done is positively fake and ungrounded and it is an insane matter done with vulgar negligence that is both bad in contribution and in law,” Patel, of Oscar Builders, had settled in his letter.

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