Man Finds A Skunk With A Coke Can Stuck On Its Head And Bravely Helps Out

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Most of a time, encountering a skunk out in a furious fast turns into a gummy (and stinky) situation. But one amicable male risked a tainted fragrance by rescuing a skunk that had somehow gotten a conduct stranded in a Coke can.

“Skunk, greatfully don’t mist me,” a male kindly requested as a lovable critter ran around in circles perplexing to giveaway itself circuitously Orillia, Canada. “I’m not gonna harm you. I’ll take that off your head.”

The discreet animal kept using away, though a dauntless male persisted and eventually managed to shake a can off a skunk’s head. Luckily, a small stinker didn’t mist a rescuer. Instead, it raced opposite a highway and into a circuitously forested area.

What? Not even a appreciate you?!

What? Not even a appreciate you?!

YouTube / SkeptiSketch

In a YouTube comments, a male pronounced that he believed it was can of fat drippings from someone’s kitchen. Guess a small man was hungry!