Man On His Deathbed Gets A Heartfelt Goodbye From His Two Best Friends, His Horses!

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With his health fast deteriorating, Vietnam maestro Roberto Gonzalez had usually one wish: to see and cuddle his dual dear horses, Sugar and Ringo, one final time.

Hospital staff motionless to extend his wish and a dual horses trafficked 150 miles to revisit him during a Audie L. Murphy Memorial VA Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, where he was battling liver and kidney issues.

Gonzalez was inept in 1970 after he was shot dual months into portion in Vietnam. But notwithstanding his injury, Gonzalez done a vital from his passion for a stately animals and is one of a usually purebred equine trainers in Texas who is disabled.

As we can tell in this intense video, saying his cherished horses one final time meant all to him.


Horses never forget those who are kind to them, nor those who are vicious to them, for that matter. They’re such beautiful, supportive creatures.

Thank we for your service, Mr. Gonzalez.