Manipulative Attacks on Gold And Silver Failing to Yield Desired Results

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Manipulative Attacks on Gold And Silver Failing to Yield Desired Results

Manipulative Attacks on Gold And Silver Failing to Yield Desired Results

Gold and china are behaving differently right now. Usually when a open seductiveness in a paper bullion (Comex) net brief of a bullion banks becomes overweighted, it’s a vigilance that they are removing prepared to conflict a cost of bullion by triggering vast stop-loss offered by a technically-driven sidestep funds.

And by final Tuesday, per a latest COT report, a Comex banks had piled heavily into a brief side, feeding paper shorted to a sidestep funds. And loyal to form, a marketplace was pounded aggressively this past week starting Tuesday with a death of Comex options. Interestingly, a banks had to wait until after a Comex building trade sealed on Tuesday in sequence to take advantage of a thinly-traded electronic “access” marketplace that is open for about another 90 mins after a Comex closes in sequence to pull down a cost of bullion adequate to trigger programmed sidestep comment algo stop-loss selling.

The attacks on a cost of bullion persisted by Thursday, ensuing in what appears to be a record weekly commission dump in Comex bullion open interest. But this conflict resulted in a shoal cost decline.  And if we snippet a rave in a bullion bank brief position over a past integrate of weeks, it appears that a banks were peaceful to means waste on those shorted contracts in sequence to cover them.  Bill “Midas” Murphy during Lemetropole Cafe initial forked this settlement out to me and we reliable his speculation by tracing out a arise in a blurb brief seductiveness with a transformation in a cost of gold.

At a same time, there has been a vast volume of china – as reported – relocating in and out of a “registered” accounts during a Comex china vaults.  The china in a “registered” comment is a china designated to be accessible for delivery.   On a final dual days of this past week, for instance, scarcely 30% of a china hold in a purebred comment was changed into a “eligible” account. The “eligible” comment is a comment in that china is allegedly “safekept” for a owners of that silver.

Finally, nonetheless a mainstream financial media and a fear porn oriented choice media has been creation a lot of sound about a remarkable fall-off in a sales of minted bullion coins, we listened a news from a vast bullion play who pronounced that, while sell china sales are slow, his association has been receiving really vast orders from really connected utterly off a radar forms purchasing vast quantities of earthy silver. The repeated thesis from these buyers is a enterprise to pierce income out of electronic fiat banking bank credits and into secretly safe-kept changed metals in bullion form. – Investment Research Dynamics


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