Marine Dressed In An Eagle Costume Surprises His Daughter After 7-Month Deployment

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When fourth grader Destiny Passmore was selected to take partial in a special diversion during her school’s Patriot Day celebration, she had no thought that she was in for a large surprise.

The eventuality during Tournament Hills Elementary School in Beaumont, California, started when a principal explained a stress to a children. “Fifteen years ago Sunday, a nation was attacked,” she said. “You were not alive during this time, yet your relatives were, and so were all of your teachers. We remember this day good and it brought a lot of unhappiness to this country.”

She afterwards told a students that lots of relatives were now deployed opposite a universe and while many of a kids got to see their moms and dads each day, not all were so lucky. One of those students was Destiny. Her father, Gunnery Sergeant Demetrius Passmore, had been deployed with a 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit on a USS Boxer for a final 7 months and wasn’t approaching home for a while.

But afterwards a small lady beheld something humorous about that eagle mascot station on a court. Watch what happened when a clergyman private his mask!


Is anyone else crying?

You can tell how most Destiny and her hermit Dominic missed their father. Even yet they frequently got to speak to him by Skype, they were flourishing sleepy of a subdivision and a thousands of miles between them.